Easy Bike and Vehicle tire inflation

Rider filling up his bike tire on the side of the road with TLC Boost tire Compressor.

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Say goodbye to alligator clamps

No More Under your Hood to get to your Vehicles Battery

What is TLC?

-TubeLess Capable
With the rise of tubeless tires and destination cycling, more and more people are finding themselves driving to their cycling adventures and doing bike maintenance on the go. The TLC air compressor kits provide riders with a simple, elegant solution to setting up tubeless tires as well as an air source for vehicle tire inflation and much more. Powered from your vehicle’s battery, it’s as mobile as you are: purpose-built products to meet the needs of the most demanding riders. If you can handle the pressure, you can handle anything.

Compatiple with everything bike

Whether you are hitting trails on a mountain bike, catching some air on a BMX, or just going for a casual beach ride with your new E-Bike. Our compressors are compatible and reliable with your bike needs.

Vehicle and Bike Tire Inflation

Tires are the foundation of your ride whether on 2 or 4 wheels, and having an air source to setup and maintain them could be the difference between moving forward or being stranded.

Bicycle tire inflation using the TLC Plus inflation gun and Presta Valve adaptor.


a TLC compressor can seat a Tubeless tire bead and be ready to blast again in seconds.

you can use TLC to inflate vehicle tires of virtually any size

TLC offers an effortless way of setting up tubeless tires and adjusting tire pressure, from your vehicle as well as ability to perform other pneumatic tasks.

Set up tubeless tires and inflate them from anywhere. Floor pumps are awkward to travel with, TLC frees up room in the car for other gear.


" I am more than stoked! I'm so happy. It really is a beautiful, beautiful compressor, and makes life more safer in way because I carry it in my car. I always worry about getting a flat and if I do, I now have this compressor to get me to safety. There's times where I forget floor pumps, but having this in my car makes it so I wont have to worry and can get my tires to the right pressure.so its a really nice thing." David "Tinker" Juarez


"I recently had the opportunity to try the Viair Bike TLC Lite air compressor and I was extremely impressed with its performance. Not only is it compact and lightweight, making it easy to take with me on road trips, but it also did a great job with tubeless tire seating and quick pressure adjustments. The pressure guage was easy to read and made it super simple to accurately set my desired pressure on both 700c and 650b setups. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the Viair Bike TLC Lite for a portable air compressor solution, and would highly recommend it for anyone that does a lot of car camping or if you find yourself driving to a lot of group rides or gravel events." -Gravel Stoke

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